Out of Confusion - Maybe?

The Friendship that goes beyond the Emotional Ally

World Citizenship

Don't believe it "because we want to believe it". Don't believe it "because we do not want to believe it".

But see "it", and we can be transported from the confusion that lies within, seeking comfort within discomfort, to an immeasurable reality, that is not within the realm of thought and imagination, devotion, or what the mind can snatch at and cling to.

"It" is not an opinion, nor is "it" a belief. "It" is not accumulative, "it" is not past or future. "It" is within each one of us, and should be treated with ordinariness, courteousness and wisdom.

From the 60's :"If we are not part of the solution, we are the problem."

A Flower - the Constant Reminder

The curtain began to draw to a close on the First Movement in the mid-70's, and as predicted, the slow process of re-opening the curtains began in 1990 - the 9 being the 6 the right way up. The outcome of the Second movement is beginning now - the 3rd and continuous movement:

The Age of Aquarius,

Universal Awareness,

World Peace.

Whether in some cases it be conscious, or in other cases an "intuitive happening", a "picking up of the rhythm", the fashion and the music of the 60's now has a steady foothold with the young and not so young people throughout most of the modern world. Since 1990, the flower has grown again to become a design feature, incorporated in all manner of paraphernalia of today's world, as a subtle and often non-conscious symbol of the forthcoming expression of awareness that goes beyond conditioned dependency.

The reason we may find the 60's takes on the role of foundation to the "Aquarius Age", apart from the fact of there being a strong celebration of the forthcoming :Age" is the fact that the 60's was not a balanced time, but it was the first hint at seeing rather than merely looking.

Many gained some insight with the mind -expanding and very often bending drug LSD, although maybe at the time a cosmic necessity, a preparation for the age, encompassing some casualties.

Now is the time to go beyond the LSD experience and perhaps anything else that is outside of ourselves. But for some in the 60's, LSD was the first step on the path of spiritual unfoldment, and the springing up of may guru's. Also, what we may find when taking these mind-expanding un-prescribed drugs is that " we are just flapping around in a bigger cage", and trying for a rerun on the first away experience. Hopefully what we are now moving towards is not to have the need of a cage, including, maybe, the cage within the organization. Could it not be so? - that these drugs, including alcohol, in excess of the occasional, are just" dummy dip's", used to keep the baby quiet?

60's Flower Power was probably a spontaneous happening, the flower as has been said cannot cause offense (unless we really try at it). It is beautiful, impermanent and speaks for itself.

The seed begins to grow from the cold black dampness of the earth, and grows towards the light, finally opening with perfect colour and beauty, bathed in the radiance of the sun, symbolizing to each one of us the reason for being here in human form. It also portrays, we may find, what some of us may call "karma", others of us may call the "will of God", or "Fate", "Luck", "what goes round comes round" - call it what we will, we may find it all comes down to the same thing. The outcome of our past actions depicts the soil our seed is to germinate in, and varies during the growth period according to the quality of nourishment we ourselves put in - what sometimes we may imagine to be good luck may not be so, and vise-versa.

To know pain and suffering eventually will be to know compassion. Eventually each and every one of us must move towards the light.

There were an immense amount of seeds sown and left to germinate. They were sown by ordinary people in the 60's exploring to find "world Peace", and because of the level of the nonviolent energy of awareness, and the sometimes humour that was behind the action, and the feeling then, that " the World was too small for flag waving", the seeds sown, and the motive behind the action, enabled the first seeds to break through to the surface in 1990.

On premonition and celebration, The Cavern was opened, thus enabling The London Buzz to occasionally open up dialogue regarding the cosmic significance of the seeds that were sewn by so many young people in the 60's. There were many visitors to "The Cavern", and "Yesterday's Bread" during the 90's, and what might be of interest, is the amount of students and people from previously suppressed countries that showed marked commitment to unfolding the story of "Flower Power". Tremendous interest was also shown by students from the far east, in particular, Japan and Hong Kong.

The object of the London Buzz , acting within Yesterdays Bread, and The Cavern was hopefully to speak on this subject in a manner that together, it may be possible to receive and grasp the truth regarding pain, suffering, and conflict on this planet, without a governing body, or the creation of another organization or dependency. Simply again using the Flower as a symbol, that together without an authority and a tradition, we may together expand beyond the conditioned mind and out of confusion