Out of Confusion, Maybe?

Levels of reception

It appears that what has been written has been received at many levels. Those of us that have distractions that go in another direction, have at the moment little, if any, interest in what has been written.

At one level

It appears some of us have taken quite a deep interest, something has been allowed to fall away, and a lightness in the mind has been experienced.

At another level

After our re-consolidating jeering has settled:- it appears a toothless clawless blind cat has been let loose amongst some of us, as birds of a feather that hold together. Some of us really feel that our dry land boat is being rocked. In reality we may come to find it is all quite harmless, so therefore the end product may prove to be quite healthy ?

If felt to be of Value

It does appear to be very necessary to reiterate that what has been written we hopefully will be aware not to use for storage and accumulation (apart from if necessary as a reference and a reminder). When and if what has been written comes to be seen as a fact, it will be reflected in our actions on this planet, and issues will touch us in a much lighter manner than before, but if we accumulate, does this not say "I cannot let go of myself in relation to the importance this gives me in relation to my world", and eventually we may find negates expansion. And does this not create a dependancy, a conviction that at some time will need to be defended.

What has been written, has been written for and belongs to everyone, and is there to be shared by all that see some value in it.The London Buzz Co, is all of us, as within us all is that divine spark, and therefore may help enable us , if willing, to empty our box of tricks, and with awareness continue to do so. This is why we may find, the major part of our spiritual practice is to watch and accept the reactions of our mind in this world, which will eventually enable us to let go of the past, which will happen when the time is right for us to do so, without us indulging in ourselves.

But the other level we may come to see is head awareness. That, we may find can bring about spiritual arrogance both loud and subtle. Whereby the fly believes itself to be the ointment - the delusion within the Illusion, a state where we can, if we are not careful, convince others to follow our concocted paths, and this will, we may find, always be on the basis of an unresolved issue that was left uncleared from sometime in our past. An issue that we have closed the door on,. bringing it sometimes beyond our recollection. We should always be aware and careful of that quiet but angry voice within ourselves that says "I'll really show them one day!" - "Let it go".

To Bring Focus

From time to time throughout history, because perhaps of that unresolved issue that one can so easily leave dormant within oneself, sometimes with a very long but slow burning fuse, one has seen arise the spiritual politician, propagating seperatism, which we may find can also stimulate resentment. Sometimes with flowery words and sometimes with aggression, the expansion of vision has been inhibited by this unresolved issue, the outcome being, we may come to find, pain and conflict, in some cases, with the best of intentions, perhaps by interfering prematurely in the spiritual unfoldment of this now small world of ours. And could it not also be so that some of us still cast up and quote these sometimes flowery and sometimes aggressive words. In some instance could this not be as a justification of our own hatred and resentment, or in some cases to justify our own seperatism, and could this all not still be causing pain and suffering in our precious world.

If we look at these past actions as maybe Karma and the Will of God, we may come to see it has brought us to this, The Age of Aquarius - the beginning of seeing without looking.

On the other hand, we may find, one can have a capitalist with spirituality, one can have a communist with spirituality, one can have an anarchist with spirituality, one can have an atheist with spirituality etc. etc., Or can one ?

All things can be understood and catered for in a classless and compassionate world, a world where one no longer has the painful need to seek refuge from one zone to another, a world where the upkeep and well being of cattle does not have twice the monetary value of that of a human being in a zone of deprivation.

Then maybe, when and if this becomes seen, it will automatically enable us to take responsibility in keeping our own spiritual house in order, which may help bring us to a level of conscious awareness, where we are not crying out for someone to turn up waving a wand about all over the place.