Casa Mayor

A Centre for Yoga, Meditation, Tai Chi, Pilates, and natural healing etc.

Casa Mayor was an old Spanish finca or farm, set in 63 acres of its own mountainside.
It is situated in the mountains behind Malaga, in Andalusia, Southern Spain.
The terrain is mainly wild, and retaining the organic olive & almond groves,
is to be developed with garden areas into a parkland of natural beauty
- a park of peace & tranquility.

We have spent some years now, working to get the place together -
The farmhouse has been restored, retaining most of the original character
- the ambiance of a Spanish finca of yesteryear.
There is a swimming pool with stunning views to the mountains, and there is plenty of space to relax,
or to wander and enjoy the views and the tranquil surroundings.
The spacious and airy hall has been designed to remain cool, especially in the heat of summer,
and there is also a large roof terrace for early morning practise.

Casa Mayor can be used by individuals or groups who wish to develop spiritually.

Also Available for teachers or facilitators who wish to bring their groups.

If you feel that your group would like to make use of Casa Mayor,
then please feel free to contact us.

eg. As well as Yoga and Meditation,
Casa Mayor can be used as a conference center,
for study groups, management/business awareness groups,
walkers, birdwatchers, artists etc