Yesterdays Bread was a London shop, specialising in original and unworn 60's and 70's clothing and memorabilia.

Unfortunately, Yesterdays Bread as an original 60's boutique in Carnaby was brought to an end in 2001, on a decision made by the landlord, and yes, it would have been nice had it been able to continue.

We would like to say a big thank you to the unbelievable amount of friends that make and keep contact with us from all around the world.

And thank you all for saying how much you enjoyed the Yesterdays Bread experience.

Beginning again

In the last few years, we have been in the process of collecting some more original vintage gear,
and are beginning again, this time through the internet.
If you click on the shop logo below, you can take a look at the latest items


Casa Mayor

Also, in the Mountains of Malaga, Southern Spain,
we have opened a Centre of Yoga, Meditation, spiritual unfoldment, healing etc - "Casa Mayor"


The London Buzz

The overall motive behind what began as "The Cavern", followed by" Yesterdays Bread", was in fact "The London Buzz", a logo coined with hopefully the potential of helping us to expand our conscious awareness of ourselves in relationship to all things around us, using the 1960's as being symbolic of a creative movement in consciousness that began in the 60's in the western world - "The First Movement". It was a time of creativity on a grand scale, a time of great affection - "Make Love not War!", Peace & Love. Click on the logo below to read The London Buzz pages:

e-mail: casamayormalaga@yahoo.es